Wood Fencing

 Master Halco Shadowbox Wood Fence
Shadowbox Wood Fence
Shadowbox Style fencing creates an excellent border or frame for gardens. Boards are placed on either side of the fence rail, spaced so they block vision but still allow airflow through the fence. Solid fences provide little protection from wind flowing across large yards because the wind simply goes over the fence. Spaced boards, slats, louvers and/or lattice, break the wind up into smaller breezes creating effective protection in large open areas from stronger wind gusts.

Master Halco Solid Board Wood Fence Solid Board Wood Fence
The most common style of wood fence is the solid board style. It may be used for controlling noise, establishing visual barriers and marking boundaries. Fences five feet and higher are used for the containment of pets and children. Solid board fences are also used in commercial applications, as screens and to control access to restricted areas.

Master Halco Lattice Stockade Wood Fence Stockade Wood Fence
The faces of the colonial-design, stockade style can be rounded and smooth or left naturally rounded and rustic. It may be assembled as components or installed as a panel with several options for the backrails.
Your local area will determine which species of wood are readily available. The primary species or groups of wood used in privacy fencing are:
  • Western Red Cedar
  • Northern White Cedar
  • Whitewoods
  • Treated